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Hello. My name is Willis Fletcher, Jr., as you can tell in my blog home page. I am an Old Regular Baptist, an Ordained Elder(preacher) in the Indian Bottom Association. I have been His since May 24, 2007, when He completed His work within me. I have been ordained to preach His Word since January 2010, and have been blessed to sit in two presbyteries to examine deacons at my home church, Little Martha, and just recently sat in another presybytery to examine and ordain an Elder at my church. I was amongst the free will believers until around early July of this year(2013), when God began my theological shift to the Doctrines of Grace. I am still learning and growing in these, and they have truly caused me to have a deeper understanding of His Word, and what He does for His people, His sheep, His elect. I also want to let you know that eventhough I use “Hardhell” in my name, I do not hold to the doctrine of ‘time salvation’ and that the gospel is the means by which God adds His sheep into the sheepfold. I pray that the blogs that I have wrote, and hopefully and prayerfully will write henceforth, will be a blessing to those who take the time to read them. May He richly and abundantly bless you all is my humble prayer.

Willis Fletcher, Jr.


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  1. Hey Willis,

    I’m curious how your church/association examines those who want to become deacons or elders. I feel called to be an elder one day and I am dissatisfied with the “process” (at least what I know of it) I’ve seen in the SBC and the IFB churches I’ve been in. Feel free to email me or drop me a pm at BB. Later bud.

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