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God is the Master builder of the house.(Psalms 127:1 & Matthew 7:24)

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“If Jehovah doth not build the house, In vain have its builders laboured at it, If Jehovah doth not watch a city, In vain hath a watchman waked.” (Psalms 127:1 YLT)

As you can see, anything that stands the test of time, it has to have God being the One performing and accomplishing it. God has always had a plan in place that He will bring forth as He sees fits, and does not ask mankind if it is alright with them. We can read where Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world(Rev. 13:8). We can also read where God chose a people in Christ from before the foundation of the world(Eph. 1:4). We can also find where His works were finished from the foundation of the world(Heb. 4:3). So in order to have a sturdy house, you first, have to have a solid foundation. You can not build it anywhere, but you have to have solid ground on which to build it. This foundation I am talking about is Jesus Christ Himself. 1 Cor. 3:11 states it like this; “for other foundation no one is able to lay except that which is laidwhich is Jesus the Christ;”. So God sent His Son into the world to establish that foundation on which we are to be built upon. If we are upon any other foundation other than Christ, we will not stand the test of time.


Now, before you build a house, you have to have a blueprint made that shows you how to build it. God had this all planned out before we ever came into existence. He knew what He would do through the pre-ordination process. In Acts 15:18 it states it like this; “Known from the ages to God are all His works;”. He knew what He was going to do, how to do it, when to do it, &c. Nothing has ever caught Him off guard or caused Him to have an “aha” moment. God sent His Son, His Son, who was also a “son” of Joseph, who was a carpenter by trade. Jesus came to lay that foundation down on which all that are to be built upon by God would withstand the storms Satan throws at them.



“Therefore, every one who doth hear of me these words, and doth do them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house upon the rock;” (Matthew 7:24 YLT)


This verse…Matthew 7:24…to coincide with Psalms 127:1, shows how God’s sovereignity and man’s responsibilty works together. In Psalms 127:1 it says that “unless Jehovah builds the house, the builders laboured in vain”. It’s when God begins a work within  a sinner, He’s stedfast in calling you, who also will do [it](1 Thess. 5:24 YLT). God does not call someone just to let them get away. When He calls them, they will come to Him. He enables them to come to Him, because He has the foundation already in place on which they will stand.


Let’s back up a bit into the book of Exodus for a few moments. Starting in chapter 25, you can read where God commanded Moses to take an offering of the people of gold, silver, brass, purple blue, scarlet, and fine linen. Even Rams’ and goats’ skins, some dyed red. All of this is how God told the people, through Moses, in how to fashion the tabernacle, was not planned when He first spoke to Moses, but was planned from before the foundation of the world, and executed in the time He saw fit. The way He fashioned it, the beauty was veiled by the outer coverings. You could not see the true beauty of the Ark of the Covenant, but only the purple, the Rams’ skins dyed red, the wooden casing covered with gold, that held the Ark of the Covenant, &c. That was the way it was with Christ, too. Isaiah alluded to this in chapter 53 when he wrote; ” He hath no form, nor honour, when we observe him, Nor appearance, when we desire him” (Isa. 53:2b YLT).


Now, before I get too far off on a tangent, let me explain what I am trying to convey here. God told Moses how to fashion the coverings of the sanctuary, how to cover some things with brass, some with silver, and some with gold. He then had things veiled with blue, purple, dyed Rams’ skins, &c. In other words, God had already had the blueprint in mind from before the foundation of the world, and used Moses to bring it to its fruition. Christ was fashioned much like this, with His true beauty being veiled by His physical body. He looked like the next Jew, and unless they could see past His flesh, His veil, none could see His true beauty. Only those who were given to Him by the Father…those who foundation God had built their house upon, could see His inner beauty.  We who are saved, we look like the next person, yet our inner man has been given a wedding garment, a “long, white, robe”, that none can see. Our physical bodies veil it from others around us. All of this, the forming of the world and the universe around it, the choosing of Christ as a Redeemer of fallen mankind, the fall and all that it entails, Joseph being sold into slavery, the flood during Noah’s days, Moses bringing the Jews out of Egypt, Christ being crucified, all of this has its foundations from before the foundation, or creation, of the world.


“and the rain did descend, and the streams came, and the winds blew, and they beat on that house, and it fell not, for it had been founded on the rock.”(Matt. 7:25 YLT)


As you can see in the last portion of the above verse, the house stood, not because it was sturdy, not because it was better looking than other houses that may be around it, but stood based solely because “it had been founded on the rock”. Jesus is this Rock that has been seen all through the ages. It was the “Stone hewed out of the mountain without hands , and it filled the whole earth”(Dan. 2:34,35). It was the Stone that Moses smote in the valley of Zin that gave forth His water.(Numbers 20:11) It was the Rock that David said “was higher than I”.(Psa. 61:2) So this Foundation is a sure foundation. Even Abraham looked for a city; “for he was looking for the city having the foundations, whose artificer and constructor [is] God.”(Heb. 11:10 YLT)


So in closing, I ask you, dear reader, is your foundation something other than Jesus Christ? Are you relying on yourself, or on someone else to help you down through life’s rugged roads? If this be the case with you, you will never stand the test of time, because you have a foundation that is nothing more than sinking sand. Build your house upon Christ, build it upon that “Stone the builder’s rejected and became the Chief corner Stone”(Psa. 118:22, Isa. 28:16, Matt. 21:42, Mark 12:10, Luke 20:17) and you won’t “be babes, tossed and borne about by every wind of the teaching, in the sleight of men, in craftiness, unto the artifice of leading astray.”(Eph. 4:14 YLT)




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